Ravens Rave: Ellie Hulse, PTO Coordinator for the Roosevelt Library

EllieHMaybe you’ve visited the Roosevelt Ranch during the Wild West Book Fair and spotted Ellie in her cowgirl hat and red bandanna. Maybe you saw Ellie putting up the decorations she purchased, or helping volunteers on the cash registers. Or maybe she assisted your child in finding just that right book. But there is so much more you don’t see. 

What you don’t see is the work Ellie does to make sure our library is stocked with new books and aligned with classroom curriculum. Or how she’s sometimes called upon to serve as tech support when the Destiny software is acting up! But most importantly, Ellie is the steady presence in the library day after day, getting to know our kids and helping them find books that will engage them.

This is Ellie’s third year managing the Roosevelt’s all-volunteer-run library. She is supported by a fantastic team of volunteers, including Library Volunteer Coordinator Jennifer Manning, who coordinates and trains a staff of more than 100 volunteers and works closely with Ellie and Joanne Mujalli, who manages the library budget and helps order books. “Ellie amazes me and all of the other volunteers with her dedication,” says Jennifer. “The Roosevelt community is extremely fortunate to have her as our Library Coordinator.”

Ellie is truly the heartbeat of the Roosevelt library. Thank you for keeping our library humming!

If you have a rave for a PTO volunteer, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

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