Committees and Coordinators

2017-2018 Committee and Event Coordinators: thank you for all you are contributing to the PTO this year!

Please communicate with your assigned PTO Executive Board Point of Contact (POC) (listed below) regarding your event’s budget, activities, scheduling, and promotions. Please find more information about these responsibilities  after the table below.  Also, you can find more helpful information on the Resources for Volunteers page.

Committee or Event PTO Coordinator Board POC
5th Grade Fundraiser (Wilson Farms) TBD Deb
5th Grade Recognition Night TBD Ellen McGlynn, Mary Beth Maranto
Auction Caroline Annese Sarah Schad
Box Tops Katie McBride Sue Goodnow-Ji
Bridge Trivia Bee Sarah Schad Sarah Schad
Calareso’s Farm Stand and Garden Center Melissa Williamson Deb Martino
Citywide PTO meetings Mary Rasner Deb Martino
Coin Challenge Katie McBride Ellen McGlynn
Communications Manager OPEN
Dine Outs Sue Goodnow-Ji Sue Goodnow-Ji
Directory OPEN
Educational Enrichment Sarah Schad Sarah Schad
Field Day Molly Waitt Sarah Schad
Frosty Fridays Beth Fuccione Ellen McGlynn
Game Night Sarah Rine Ellen McGlynn
GEM Fair Brooke Sulahian /OPEN Mary Beth Maranto
Green Team and TerraCycle Elizabeth Thomas, Rebecca Interbartolo, Sara Desmond Ellen McGlynn
Halloween Party Joyce Correia and Jennifer Manning Sue Goodnow-Ji
Library and Book Fairs Ellie Hulse, Jennifer Manning, Joanne Mujalli Ellen McGlynn
Lost and Found Kate Saragosa Sue Goodnow-Ji
Melrose Alliance Against Violence Walk Elizabeth Thomas Elizabeth Christopher
Memorial Day Parade Dave McAndrew Sue Goodnow-Ji
PTO Contributions Deb Martino Deb Martino
Constant Contact Deb Martino Deb Martino
Ravens’ Report Mary Beth, Molly and Elizabeth Elizabeth Christopher
Roller World / Mini Golf at Paradise Sue Goodnow-Ji Sue Goodnow-Ji
Room Parent Liaisons Melissa Williamson Deb Martino
Roosevelt Gives Back OPEN Sue Goodnow-Ji
School Play Tony Angeles Deb Martino
Spirit Gear Sarah Schad Sarah Schad
Staff Appreciation Luncheon Sarah Schad and Mary Rasner Sarah Schad
Traffic Task Force Coordinator John DiCalogero Sarah Schad
Welcome Back Breakfast for Parents Sarah Schad Deb Martino, Sarah Schad
Welcome Back Luncheon for Staff Sarah Schad Sarah Schad
Winter Wonderland Amanda Johanson, Tracy Coleman Sue Goodnow-Ji
Sunshine Days Open Sue Goodnow-Ji

Event and Committee Leaders’ Responsibilities

  • Advise your POC of the timing of your event as soon as possible so we can reserve the building space, rent janitorial services and avoid scheduling conflicts with other events and room rentals.
  • Submit all promotional materials (fliers, emails, posters, e-blasts and Facebook posts) promoting your event to the Executive Board POC for approval BEFORE you distribute them to the students, staff and broader community.
    • Include the school district’s translation notice as well as the Ravens and PTO logos in all promotional fliers. Roosevelt PTO Flier Template
    • If you plan to ask people to purchase tickets or items online, please notify Deb Martino at [email protected], who manages Constant Contact for us, 2-4 weeks in advance so she can work with you to set up your payment page.
  • Notify your Executive Board POC of all financial activities (fundraising and spending), including budget, income, expenses, and grants, to ensure they comply with Roosevelt PTO bylaws.
  • Reconcile all expense reimbursements and vendor invoices by June 30 of the current fiscal year. Please see 2017-2018 Reimbursement Form for instructions on this process.
  • Attend PTO meetings leading up to and immediately following your event to promote the event, report on activities, and answer questions.
  • Submit the 2017-2018 Cash Box Form form to your POC if your event requires cash to make change.